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Coming Soon Quilt Sales


Welcome to Quilt Trackers

We want to use this space to help you sell those beautiful Quilts/you have made. This is how you do it: Take a Picture of what you want to sell and description, size, color and price you would like to sell it for. Send it to Quilt Trackers by email, text, or snail mail. We will post it 30 days at a time. If a buyer contacts us stating they are interested in what you are selling, we will in turn contact you the seller and give you the buyers contact information. If you do sell to that buyer we would expect you to send Quilt Trackers 10% of the price for sell. We do not have a billing department so we will trust you the seller to pay that to us once you received payment from your buyer.   

Be Prepared to package and Ship their purchase. Please send us an email when your item is sold so we can remove your ad.  We all seen to accumulate more quilts than we can give or donate so this is just a way we can try to help our friends perhaps re-coup some of the money tied up in our sewing rooms.  Just think then we can buy more fabric or take another class!!!